Social Events.

Date: Tuesday 15 May
Time: 6pm
Place: Kajskjul 8, Packhuskajen 11
Pre-registration is mandatory.

The ENC 2018 Conference Dinner will take place at Kajskjul 8, a venue located in the harbour area in the city centre. Kajskjul 8 was built on the quays along the railroad tracks around 1870. Originally used as a warehouse, the shed was then filled with all kinds of products, such as spices imported from the Orient as well as lumber from the forests of Värmland (a region north of Gothenburg), which would then be transported down to southern Europe and other places. It is a building with a lot of interesting history, nowadays used for events and dinners.

Dinner includes a 3 course dinner,  beverages, and entertainment.

Closest tram/bus stop: Stenpiren or Lilla Bommen